Bungalow360 Products: Earth-Happy and Über Cüte too!

bungalow360 products, bags, walletsIn the market nowadays, it is very hard to look for a product that matches your preferences and at the same time carries an advocacy that is really lived by the company. If you are one of those conscious consumers who are having a hard time looking for such company, well, you are lucky for we have just the right product for you, Bungalow360 products!

Bungalow360 products are the brainchild of Sizie Pusch and her husband Franz. It is a U.S. based company that produces the perfect, animal and environment friendly handbags, school bags, totes, wallets and satchels! Yes, you got it right! Bungalow360 products are eco-friendly or shall we say “earth happy” as the owners would like to call their advocacy. All of the Bungalow360 products are made of natural and unbleached canvass all of which are 100% cotton. The company took their advocacy of being “earth happy” to another level because the materials used to print on the designs of the bags and other Bungalow360 products are water based ink that are not harmful to the environment or consumers!

The said advocacy also makes the products a perfect match not just for the earth happy consumers but for health conscious consumers, as well. Did you know that the some synthetic fabrics that are used in bags and clothes can contain carcinogenic compounds and other compounds that can contribute to global warming? Nylon and polyester for instance are made using petrochemicals, which when processed produces nitrous oxides which is a greenhouse gas that is even worse than carbon dioxide that aggravates global warming. On the other hand, petrochemical dyes which are commonly used in the printing designs on products also pollutes water ways.

Unlike any other company out there, Bungalow360 definitely makes sure that every decision the company makes in producing their product is are not detrimental to the environment and end users of the product. In fact, they use solar panels as the source of their electricity, drive hybrid cars, and re-use and recycle as much as they could. Bungalow360 products are already featured in various magazines like Lucky, Seventeen, US Weekly, InStyle, Martha Stewart’s Body+Soul  among others; and it also has been used by lead characters in episodes of “Friday Night Lights,” Tori Spelling in “Lights, Camera, Donna” and also in the top grosser movie “I Love You Man.”

The products are easy to take care of too and their durability is simply unquestionable. Just a simple cold wash and little air dry will do the job. So browse our website to select an über cüte Bungalow360 product, whether it is for a nature friendly student to an eco-friendly mom, we have just the right design for them. Each carefully thought of designs are not mass produced, so there are lesser chances that you’ll bump to somebody with the same product and design. So what are you waiting for? Buy a Bungalow360 product now and be über cüte while doing a big favor for Mother Earth. Happy shopping!

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